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To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool, That is the Question Essay

When a child walks out the door to his first day of school, a parent may ponder about his childs future. forget he be a doctor or a lawyer? Is medicinal drug or art in his future? Although most(prenominal) of the questions parents deliberate are positive in nature, fears also arise. Will he be smart? Will he fit in socially with others? From a childs educational to social growth, parents have a responsibility to navigate their child discomfit a path which will yield the greatest reward. Of these paths are public schools, private schools, online school or homeschooling. Within these schooling options, numerous factors enter into the lowest determination. Time commitment and money required are two of the biggest factors parents consider when choosing how their children will be educated. Caring parents want the best for their children and know they have alone one chance to make the right educational decision. Although the homeschooling option may have some positive attr ibutes steering parents toward choosing this method, the negative aspects prove it is not the most beneficial choice for a student or his family.Different scenarios of instruction fall under the homeschooling umbrella. Whether a child is actually taught at home with a curriculum his parents either purchased or drafted themselves, or the child is taught online via a home-study course, all are types of homeschooling. In addition, some parents practice a homeschooling method known as unschooling. In this situation, parents fill their house with encyclopedias, history books, art supplies, games and other learning tools that children are free to take up if or when they choose. (Home schooling). This type of schooling uses free-and-easy life lessons to incorporate the core subject learning... ...r. Web. 30 Apr. 2012. Preface to Why Do Parents Choose to Homeschool?. Homeschooling. Ed. Myra Immell. Detroit Greenhaven Press, 2009. Current Controversies. Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Cont ext.Web. 25 Apr. 2012.Shives, Steve. Homeschooling Curricula Do non Meet Academic Standards. Homeschooling. Ed. Noah Berlatsky. Detroit Greenhaven Press, 2010. Opposing Viewpoints. Rpt. From Homeschoolers Who Dont Learn Science Shouldnt Receive a Diploma. American Chronicle. 2008. Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 30 Apr. 2012. teaching & Class Fees. The Academy of Creative Learning. 2012. N.p., n.d., Web. 30 Apr. 2012. http//, Jacque. Unschoolers learn what they want, when they want. 2011. N.p., 3 Aug. 2011. Web. 27 April 2012.

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prejudice in greek system Essay -- essays research papers

A major part of every college campus is the Greek placement. Although, many times it goes unperceived there is major requisition among the fraternities and sororities in the s push throughh. Why is such an important issue often over disembodied spirited? We need to be more aware of segregation beca mathematical function in many cases it causes conflict. What if an African American wanted to join a traditionally white fraternity or sorority or vise versa? The chances of him/her shake upting in are pretty slim. In fact, it would be most likely that they would not. The walls of move and the barriers from so-called ?traditions? in the Greek system should be broken in swan to diversify the organizations and lead to the changes necessary to end segregation and discrimination for good.The Civil War was over 130 years ago, and racial issues still stand withal though it has been so long. It amazes me that discrimination and racism carries on today, especially among such younger gener ations such as college students. One would turn over that the younger generations would be more aware and more understanding of racial issues. After all it is these younger generations which were raised knowing that discrimination is wrong and everyone is equal no matter what their race or sex. Everywhere in the south a distinct separation between the black and white fraternities and sororities exists. Taking a look, even within the system ?the white fraternities belong to the InterFraternity Council, the white sororities to Panhellenic and the black Greeks to the National Panhellenic Council? (McCarthy). This separation only adds to the issue of racism and discrimination that continues to this day. Many of us think that it is not our line or choose to ignore the issue. Many think that it is just the way it is they are right, that is the way it is, but it does not have to be segregated. By sitting back and watching, we are agreeing with segregation and saying that it is okay. Effo rts to conduct more interactions within the system and among chapters should be made. A director of Greek Life, Ron Binder, pointed out that ?we wanted to be the office of Greek Life, not the white office of Greek Life? (McCarthy).The Greek system in the north proves to be different than the south. There is no such thing as a ?black? or ?white? fraternity in the north. In the north you will come many African Americans and other minor... ...old student at Georgia Tech, is a promising one. Against the odds, he has faced the segregation issue head on, and joined a traditionally white fraternity known as Pi Kappa Phi, as the only African American. Even more uplifting is the fact that he is the chairman of the fraternity as well.Maybe now we can see that segregation in the Greek system can be a problem. It is left not up one but to all to take a stand, step outside the boundaries, and acknowledge the fact that segregation and discrimination is wrong. There is a problem and as with al l other problems it will not be solved on its own. It takes hard work and a genuine effort to make a difference. In no way is the racial separation among the fraternities and sororities helping to solve the worldwide issues of discrimination. Hopefully in the very near future we can look past the color of skin. Using something so petty as skin color to separate people is only holding us back. Those who still use skin color as a way to judge a person are living a life of ignorance. If we are unable to get past such an issue than we will never be able to grow as individuals and as a nation to our full potential.

Mr. Mefisto - Foreign Language Essay :: Foreign Language Essays

AbstractMr. Mefisto.Before asking who he is, the first question must be, he exists or not? I did not meet him directly, face to face, but I heard a lot about. If you ask people who knows they will give you solely kind of answers. They will tell you that, he us good, bad, obedient or is THE GOD. My opinion is that it do not exists by it self, it exists as a relation surrounded by you and the World. If you are not in Harmony with the World, you are under his power. D-ul Dracu , Inainte de a te intreba cine e Dracul, cred ca trebue sa te intrebi daca intradevar exista. Eu nu m-am intalnit cu el, fata in fata, dar din timpuri stravechi si pana astazi, multi spun ca intradevar exista. Fortale Binelui si Fortele Raului. Cu Achriman fiind intunericul absolut si Christos Iubirea Vie. Sunt persoane care ar trebi sa stie. Chistos a scos un demon dintrun om si l-a bagat intro ciurda de porcii. In zilele noastre Papa capital of Minnesota Ioan II zice Demonul exista, are regatul sau, are un p rogram bine stabilit . iar Papa Benedict XVI, zice Dracul e o prezenta misterioasa, dar reala, personala, nu simbolica . Asta e convingator ? O idee interesanta apare la Gnostici (comoara Templarilor e probabil o copie a Evangeliei apocrife a lui Toma) cu Simeon Magnus si bineinteles cu Valentinian in Imnul Perlei Dar mai ales in critica Legei Mozaice prin Scrisoarea catre Flora a lui Ptolomeu, Lumea nu a fost creata nici de Dumnezeu Tatal si nici de Satana, ci de Demiurg. Ceace ar putea explica dece Dl Dracu exista. Sau dece Seful Ingerilor s-a razvratit inpotriva lui Dumnezeu. Daca exista inceputul exista si sfarsitul. Daca exista Ying exista si Yang. Tot nu sunt absolut convins, dar sunt inclinat sa accept, pentru ca stiu ca ceva e Bine si ceva e Rau. Nu stiu de unde stiu, dar cred ca e in legatura cu idea de Just si Injust Cred ca e just ca Socrate sa se si e injust sa furi bomboane dela copii. Acum cand de bine de rau, cred ca Dl Dracul exista, as vrea sa stiu cine si ce e. Nu cred ca e sarpele care a ispitit-o pe Eva. Am vazut in o catedrale din Gubbio, o fresca cu tentatia Evei. Sarpele avea maini si merge pe 2 picioare.

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The Changing Faith :: essays research papers

?The Changing Faith?The story, ?Young Goodman Br let?, by Nathaniel Hawthorne was in position a very mysterious and pleasurable story to read. The main character, Goodman Brown, is faced to deal with the true colors of the town?s people and his own family as the d offensive described and showed to him. He whence comes very confused and unconfident in his trust. Because of the meeting with the devil, Goodman Brown faces a change of faith in his family, the town?s people, and himself. Goodman Brown was a hot man. He is a very known in the village of Salem. His wife, Faith is a very compelling and loving woman. His faith of his lovely wife then changes after he finds her pink ribbon hanging on a branch of a tree. By Brown then states, ?Faith...look up to heaven, and resist the wicked one? (pg 238), proves that his Faith too was wick Goodman Brown believes that all the people in the town are good people. Brown?s faith in them shows great confidence, but it all changes after his meet ing with the devil. In the woodwind instrument Brown states that, ?My father never went into the woods in such an errand? (pg 233), verifying that he was the only one in his family that took that journey. He also states that his family was, a race of honest men and good Christians since the years of the martyrs? (pg 233). When Goodman Brown tells the devil that his family was good people, the devil stated that, ?I helped your grandfather, the constable, when he lashed the Quaker woman?it was I that brought your father a pitch-pine knot, kindled at my own hearth, to set fire to an Indian village? (pg 233). This led Goodman Brown into a state of confusion and his faith was challenged.?Where there is good there is always evil? (RH). Later as they walk, Brown sees his catechism teacher, but the devil shows him her true colors. By the woman stating that, ?... my broomstick hath strangely disappeared, stolen, as I suspect, by that unhanged witch, Goody Cory. And that, too, when I was a nointed with the juice of smallage, and cinquefoil, and wolf?s bane? (pg 234), verified that she was a wicked witch. The devil also told him about the town people. For instance, the deacons who got drunk off the communion wine. tour in the woods, Brown overheard two men, which appeared to be the deacon and minister of the church, talking about the unclean crimes that they have involved in.

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The Inferno by Dante Alighiere Essay -- essays research papers

The nuthouse by Dante AlighiereTranslated by John CiardiSummary of plot, organization and resolutionoThe Inferno is the first of a trine part series by Dante known as the Divine Comedy. In this Divine Comedy Dante chronicles his journey to God done the levels of Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. The Inferno is his description of his journey through the levels of Hell. The Inferno begins with Dante lost in a dark wood, which possibly represented sin. Dante tried to exit the wood, but three impassible beasts blocked his path. Dante is rescued when the spirit of Virgil is sent to lead him to salvation, however, Dante must journey through hell to reach salvation. Dante and Virgil then journey through the levels of hell, with the occasional servicing of a heavenly messenger sent to aid Dante in his journey. Virgil describes Hell as cone shaped, made up of increasingly smaller levels depending on the rigour of the sins which a person committed. The levels of Hell were often sub-divided a llowing for even more discrimination depending on the severity of your sin. Dante completes his journey through hell when he and Virgil reach the deepest differentiate of hell, where they climb down the body of Lucifer to emerge in the southern hemisphere. Tie to the middle ages and/or transition to the renaissanceoThe Inferno in some ways follows the mold of the middle ages, but the o...

The Inferno by Dante Alighiere Essay -- essays research papers

The Inferno by Dante AlighiereTranslated by John CiardiSummary of plot, formation and resolutionoThe Inferno is the first of a three part series by Dante known as the Divine buffoonery. In this Divine Comedy Dante chronicles his move to God through the levels of Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. The Inferno is his description of his journey through the levels of Hell. The Inferno begins with Dante lost in a dark wood, which possibly represented sin. Dante essay to exit the wood, but three impassible beasts blocked his path. Dante is rescued when the spirit of Virgil is sent to lead him to salvation, however, Dante must journey through cavity to reach salvation. Dante and Virgil then journey through the levels of hell, with the occasional help of a heavenly messenger sent to aid Dante in his journey. Virgil describes Hell as cone shaped, made up of more and more smaller levels depending on the severity of the sins which a person committed. The levels of Hell were often sub-divided allowing for even more discrimination depending on the severity of your sin. Dante completes his journey through hell when he and Virgil reach the deepest pit of hell, where they climb down the body of Lucifer to emerge in the southern hemisphere. Tie to the middle ages and/or transition to the reincarnationoThe Inferno in some ways follows the mold of the middle ages, but the o...

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Human Event Essay

Point to argue that a balance of both texts strategies are or so effective l. Opening sentences define leadership. What makes a good leader. Or a quote from a good leader II. Background on Chinese historic In 500 BC, the Chou Dynasty was f only tolding apart and there was civil strife. Confucius well-tried to bring batch together through with(predicate) ritual and culture. Sun entice was an ancient ill. No atomic number 53 git follow a leader without a balance of both strict rules and humanity lb.Thesis Although the Confucius and Sun Tug share different points of view on leadership, a balance of both strategies would e the most effective in times of both war and peace. II. Rebuttal I. Include somewhere either in beginning or the end. I. Each theory on political leadership is different and can be used effectively and separately because there is more than one way to larn the hearts of the people. Ill. Confucius can easily win the hearts of the people through the moral values a nd cultures of China lb.Sun Tug can easily win a war through his strategic skills and defense t workics Ill. How Confucius strategies alone leave behind not work. His teachings are all about the value and culture. He doesnt give the best advice as to how to win a war though I. 13. 120 even with a true king, it would certainly take one generation for humanity to prevail if. 12. 210 ever govern the effort before the reward is this not the way to accumulate moral power? To attack evil in itself ill. 8. 90 you can make people follow the Way, you cannot make them run across it define what the Way means. Lb. 5. 00 there was a time went I used to listen to what people said and trusted that they would act accordingly, but not I listen to what they say and watch what they do e contradicts himself v. 2. 30 lead them by political maneuvers, restrain them with punishments the people pull up stakes become cunning and shameless. Another contradiction IV. How Sun Tutus strategies alone will not work. Book doesnt display any uses of humanity and only focuses on how to run into victory. L. In order to kill the enemy, men must be roused to anger that there may be advantage from defeating the enemy, they must have their rewards (46) ii.Sun Tug beheads ii girls for disobeying him and disobeys his master by beheading them when he said not to hen says there are commands of the sovereign which must not be obeyed (12). Sun Tug shows no humanity in his leadership and performs his actions to prove a point I. In war, the way to avoid what is strong is to strike what Is weak likewise harsh on people. (62) iv. He wins his battles by making no mistakes (53) must complete perfective tenseion to gain victory, but no one is perfect and all(prenominal) one will make a mistake at some point. V. The use of humanity and kindness by Confucius.There is no need to kill the uncool if unnecessary. I. 12. 190 suppose I were to kill the bad to help the good how about that? you are here to g overn what need Is there to kill? If you passion what Is good, the people will be good. The moral power of gentleman Is wind, the moral power of the frequent man Is grass. Under the wind, the grass must bend. II. 12. 220 love all men and no one contradicts you-is this not almost a case of one single maxim that could ruin a country? must understand your own faults even as a leader or else whole country will fall v. . 190 raise the straight and set them higher up the crooked, and you will win the hearts of the people. If you raise the crooked and set them abaca the trait, the people will deny you their support v. 2. 200 Approach them with dignity and they will be respectful. Be yourself and a good son and a kind father, and they will be loyal. Raise the good and train the incompetent, and they will be vehement VI. The use of spies and deceit by Tug can be used effectively to ensure your country or even company will succeed. I. all warfare is based on deception (42) it.Explain ho w all 5 uses of spying can be used. Without subtle ingenuity of mind, one cannot make certain of the justness of their reports (98) iii. Doomed spies are robbery the most confusing and difficult type of spy but can be the most helpful because it will abstract the other side from the real truth. v. Uses deceit to win war, be very tricky. Best way to gain an advantage on your enemy. if he is inactive, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected (43) VI.Combining both strategies and how it will prove to be most effective in leading a country or wartime against other countries. Effective way to rule a country with the balancing of both strategies ill help because one is more on humanity and ritual while the other is more on war and doing anything possible to win. I. 12. 70 if you had to do without one of these three, which would you give up? weapons, then food after all, everyone has to die eventuall y. But without the trust of the people, no government can stand gaining trust will be effective in ruling a country. People must trust the leader or else he will not be followed. T. 8. 20 when gentlemen treat their kin generously, common people are attracted to goodness when old ties are not forgotten, common people are not sickle. iii. 7. 310 whenever I make a mistake, there is always someone to notice it good to learn your mistakes even as a leader. No one is perfect not even leaders v. 7. 260 a perfect man, I cannot hope to meet. I would be content if only I could meet a principled man no leader will be perfect and the leader must be well taught and know literature v. in war, a command receives his commands from the sovereign, collects his army and concentrates his forces (69) vi. . 70 a gentleman avoids controversy goes well with when able to attack, we must seem unable when using our forces we must seem inactive (42 vii. Hence it is only the enlightened ruler and the wise ge neral who will use the highest intelligence of the army for purposes of spying, and thereby they achieve great results (99) viii. the general who is unable to control his impatience will launch his men to the spoil like swarming ants, with the result that one-third of his men are slain. (49) VIII. So now what? Todays society I. Apply to our past presidents and how they led our country ii.How these leadership philosophies can be applied to businesses iii. Explain how philosophies are applied to the war strategies we use today Write an argumentative analytic comparison of the political leadership philosophies advanced in The Analects of Confucius and The Art of War. For example, your thesis might compare the ideas of Sun Tug and Confucius on political leadership and argue (I. E. , in times of war/peace, for democracies/monarchies, and so on ), you might argue that a balance of both texts strategies are most effective, you might argue that both texts are fundamentally advocating sim ilar behaviors, etc.

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Funeral home visit

Fullerton college students had a privilege to visit Mennonite Memorial Park and Mortuary. When we arrived the park, its beautiful scenery amazed us. The weather was a little chilly and windy. Since there was a scheduled funeral service on the day that we visited, we were escorted to the reception hall where we had a chance to meet the manager. The manager thoroughly went over proper procedures needed to prepare embalming and funerals.Among all the things that we newly learned from this visit, most interesting thing was how the embalming process works. They utilize special chemicals to look the deceased as natural as possible. I thought embalming was a very pregnant work since It is the last time that a family will physically see the deceased and it helps a family nominate last memories about the deceased. I agreed when the manager said their Job is not to be emotionally involved with a family but to help them flesh out the directions ND plans about next steps after a loved on pa sses away.I cannot imagine how challenging it can be for staff members in Mennonite Memorial Park and Mortuary to deal with families on a daily basis who have loss or about to have loss. I entangle that being passionate and dedicated to compassionately embracing families in the community is one of the most important aspects to be part of the mortuary. It was a very meaningful visit and helped me think about how to deal with and death and dying from the lens of a family who had lost a loved one.

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How to become a successful business person Essay

1. Have knowledge astir(predicate) bloodlineChoose a business schoolMaster business fundamentalsAccumulate knowledge through real business activities2. Develop our interpersonal skillsExplanation Interpersonal skills second us to interact well with people. Furthermore, we need these skills to manage our employees and negotiate deals or contracts effectively. As a result, we will run low a made manager.3. Have warmness on doing businessExplanation It is an essential element with all of people who do business because it motivates us to hit the success. 4. Seek guidance of a teachExplain Build relationship with a successful businessperson who has the same career because he or she can give us useful advices about business. Especially, if the person is a member of our family, he or she can give us business strategies. Therefore, you will have more opportunities to become a successful businessperson. Conclusion It is hard to become a successful businessperson. However, we should tr y our best to achieve what we want.ParagraphTo become a successful businessperson is not easy, hardly there are some of basic methods to help us to achieve it. Firstly, we have to have knowledge about business through enrolling in a business school. Furthermore, we must master the business fundamentals from the school and accumulate knowledge through real business activities. Secondly, one of the most important methods is to come interpersonal skills. As we know, Interpersonal skills help us to interact well with people. Moreover, we need these skills to manage our employees and negotiate deals or contracts effectively. As a result, we will become a successful manager. Third method is to have passionon doing business. It is an essential element with all people who do business because it motivates us to achieve the success. Generally, without passion, nothing can be achieved. Finally, we should seek guidance of a mentor. We can build relationship with a successful businessperson wh o has the same career because he or she can give us useful advices about business. Especially, if the person is a member of our family, he or she can give us business strategies. Therefore, you will have more opportunities to become a successful businessperson. To summarize, it is hard to become a successful businessperson. However, we should try our best to achieve what we want.

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Memorable Vacation

Are you in the mood to unleash, take in the sun, and founder pot treat you incredibly well? If so, you should take my advice on a great take to visit. Last summer on a family pass I went to Aruba. Vacation is a respite or a time of respite from something intermission a scheduled period during which activity (as of a court or school) is suspended a period of exemption from work granted to an employee a period spent by from home or business in blend or recreation an act or an instance of vacating (vacation). A vacation is a time of relaxation. I really enjoy vacation because I wear upont think about school or any other problems.Almost every matchless likes to take time out from a world of work and relax once in a while. One appearance of relaxing that has become popular amongst the people of todays society is to take a vacation. This legal action has taken off with the people of todays society. However, a vacation can mean several different things to several different people . For some people a vacation might be a chance to relax, while to others, a vacation might mean to leave their professional work for a while, only to do another different assortment of work. An example of what a vacation is to me is a trip.The trip is a chance to take a leak away from everything and retard new sights. Vacations take several shapes, but the main purpose is to relax stays constant. Taking a vacation is a good way to countermine the monotony of everyday life. Everyone loves getting away and going somewhere new. Seeing new things is great, but if you only have a few days to get away, you must have a plan in order to compute as much as possible. We be after(prenominal) our next vacation in advance, not only did save us money, but it also saved us time. In planning a vacation is obviously choosing when and where to go. Vacation time is property time for you and your family.You must figure out when your family ordain have the maximum amount of time to spend away. Choosing when you argon going first should help specialise where you necessity to go, due to the oceansons and the weather. If your vacation is in December and its twenty degrees outside you probably dont want to go and spend the pass at the lake. Choose a destination which is compatible with the season. We atomic number 18 only able to go away during the summer because it is not our busy season, so we planned our trip for July.Vacations should be a time for relaxation and solitude. Everything should be easy and stress less. However, n some cases vacations can turn into stressful times away from home. In an effort to make your next vacation as stress free as possible. Most stressful vacation scenarios arise because of reservations that have locomote through, flights that have been cancelled, or baggage that has been mis based. To avoid situations such as these make original to plan ahead as well as possible. Be sure to relax and remember that you are on vacation. If you are a person easily upset by small things try extra hard to let them go while on vacation. Do not let your kids get to you. Children can be anxious when it comes to vacations especially on the way in that respect.Do not worry about things back home. When you are planning your vacation make sure not to schedule too many activities into one day. Although it is tempting to see as much as possible while on vacation, you should keep in mind that you do not want to tire yourself out after one day. The vacations that prove to be disastrous, expensive, or simply not fun are those thrown together at the last minute. However, by spending a little bit of time, you can compare prices, check out many different destination options, and end up with a wonderful vacation that you go away never forget.The following six tips are just a few that you could consider when planning the perfect vacation. 1. Options The first tip to planning the perfect vacation is to keep your options open. Instead of zeroing in on a particular destination, think of the type of environment you are most interested in, as well as activities and culture. 2. Finances Be realistic about the amount of money you can afford for the perfect vacation. Unfortunately, many people will go on vacation knowing they are spending way over their means, only to return home and find themselves in a financial mess. 3. Travel Agency If you are unsure where to start in planning the perfect vacation, consider working with a reputable travel agency. 4. Pet Care Some people will kennel pets or have someone pet sit while on vacation but today, we see a growing number of individuals who want to include this important member of the family in the vacation. 5. Travelers Checks Although you would likely carry some cash on your perfect vacation, we strongly recommend that you leveraging American Express travelers checks, which are accepted just about anywhere. 6.Travel Insurance Typically, people traveling within the United States do not purchase travel insurance but you might consider it (Warren). A memorable vacation is one that you can never forget. Sometimes it is charge hard not to stop thinking about it. Many of the places I have been include Florida, Chicago, Bahamas, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Mexico. All these places are great but for each one has a non forgettable memory that I store in my head and in my heart. I have had several vacations that have brought good memories, but one that I will never forget was my trip to Aruba in 2009 with my family.There are plenty of other attractions besides the beach that make this place great. If you are into water sports such as windsurfing, skiing, fishing, or jet skiing they have these accommodations offered at most the hotels. If you are one who likes to snorkel or scuba dive, this is the place to be. There is a great variety of fish with bright exotic colors, and through a pair of goggles you can see a full-length lot due to the clean water. I highly rec ommend going to this tropical island. The beaches are really cool bright white sand, crystal sort out water and extremely hot weather surrounds you.Since most of the islands income is through tourism, the hotel employees treat you like a king. The beaches in Aruba are not only a place for entertainment, food and shopping, but they are also an ideal place to watch the sunset. As we drove down to the beach, my nose picked up the salty scent of the sea breeze. I looked ahead and saw the gleaming beach in the far distance. As I stepped out of the car and walked towards to the beach, I saw that the shoreline went on for miles and miles. I immediately saw the ocean with beams of sunlight shining upon it and watched as the waves crashed upon the beach.The sun shining down on the water made it look like there were thousands of diamonds placed upon the surface of the water. Almost everyone likes to take time out from a world of work and relax once in a while. One way of relaxing that has be come popular amongst the people of todays society is to take a vacation. This action has taken off with the people of todays society. However, a vacation can mean several different things to several different people. For some people a vacation might be a chance to relax, while to others, a vacation might mean to leave their professional work for a while, only to do another different kind of work.

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A study of islamic and hindu belief about life after death Essay

The belief of emotional state after death can be traced back to prehistoric periods. Man has always believed there is some issue beyond death and in our modern scientific world there is no exception. My aim is to explore the image of life sentence after death in cardinal of the biggest world spread religions today.I leave arsehole be exploring Islam and Hinduism, 2 religions with very different concepts on the theory of life after death, but maven thing in con universe, the intelligence. Both religions get under ones skin a common belief in the individual and my investigation provide be strongly focusing on this on with the to the representation of the heaven and hell in each religion, including it postive and negative points. I also want to explore the concept of the brain within different sects such(prenominal) as Sunnis and shiahs in Islam and Saivism,Vaishnavism ,Shaktismin in Hinduism.Islam is a religion with more than 1,400 million believers. It is dominant in East- and north africa, middle eastCentral Asia and in Indonesia. Islam is divided into galore(postnominal) sects but the two main sects atomic number 18 sunnis which be the majority of muslims today and shiahs.This religion is based upon the holy quran, and the examples of conduct from the messenger Muhammads(pbuh) life, the Sunna, or hadth. According to Islam, the religion is date back to Adam, the graduation exercise man created. Ibrahim (pbuh)(also cognise in Judaism and Christianity as Abraham) has a central place in the history of Islam, and is the fo infra and builder of the Kaba in Mecca, which is by Islam defined as the centre of the world..Western scientists and many Muslims, too, have a different point of view, and consider Islam as historic wholey beginning with the first revelations to Muhammad in 610 in Mecca (Saudi Arabia).This After aliveness is called the Real and the True Life accourding to islam. The Quran explicitly refers to the After Life as the True Life bandage the life in this world is a superficial one.What is the life of this world but amusement and play? But verily the Home of the Hereafter that is Life indeed, if they but k crude.(2964)In islam, one of the most major beliefs is that we live on this earth as dampen of a test . a test which will determine wiether we will enter heaven or hell after our deaths. terminal is inevitable. It is the one thing that we can be certain about in life. It is the islamic notion that we are born to die. Every soul shall have a taste of death no matter who they are. This is something which is confirmed many measure in the holy QuranEvery soul shall have a taste of death and only on the mean solar day of nous shall you be gainful your full recompense. (Quran 3185)In Islam man cannot feel sure that he or she will enter Paradise, unless he or she lives as a Muslim. Islam has a day of Judgement, This day will be the day when all souls are reawakened to be judged. They will either be condemne d to hell or let into ParadiseThe concept of the soul in islam is that it has three stages of physical development , dust or clay, embryo and birth. There are also three stages of spiritual development, Death,the Grave and Resurrection, all indicated in the holy Quran. The journey of the soul begins in our mothers wombs. Forty days after conception the soul is blown into the fetus. The future(a) spark off of the souls journey begins after we are born. This is the life of this world, in which we now reside and are familiar with. Here we grow up and acquire the means to delight or misery.We are given the ability to make choices after the age of puberty andwe will later be punished or rewarded based upon them.In this life, the soul and the consistency are together except during sleepwhen the soul may leave the automobile trunk and come back in the morning or Allah may take the soul at that time. (can insert quote from quran here)The next stage for the soul is when it body begins t o die. Acourding to islamic belief the Angel of Death or Izraeel is said to come to take the soul out of the body and put it in a place called the Barzakh.For those who led a life of evil, the remotion of the soul is toughand difficult. Sometimes, more than one angel has to work together tobeat the face and back of the deceased. But for those who lived agood life, the soul yearns to figure its Lord and leaves the body withease.After the soul is taken, if it is a pure soul and has relatives in the Next World who are people of the Garden, they come to meet the soul with great joy. The angels then take the soul from one heaven to the next(acourding to islam there are 7 levels of heaven) until it comes into the presence of Allah. Then the angels bring the soul back to suffer washing of the body, its shrouding, and the funeral fulfilion. The soul waistband floating above the body and when the corpse is placed in the grave, the soul inserts itself between the body and the shroud so th at the inquisitive can take place.This life in the grave or barzack is the next part of the souls journey. this interspace separates two things heaven and earth and this world and the Next World or the period between death and resurrection. The bliss or punishment of the Interpsace is not the same as what is follow, but rather something thathappens between the two worlds.In death, the body remains in the ground slice the soul is in the Barzakh between the two worlds. However, the two are still connected and so the bliss or punishment happens to both ofthem.During this life in the grave the souls are divided into two groups one group is punished and the other group is in bliss.As various hadiths narrate, if the soul was a believing one, the soul is shown its place in the Fire(hell) had they disobeyed god. Then they are shown the Garden(heaven) and their place there. The soul will be shown this untill the Day of Rising. Some of the sweetness and fragrance of the Garden reaches them and the grave is said to be made spacious. The believer sleeps in peace just as if they were in one of the meadows of the Garden. Their narrow grave expands and stretches for the soul as far as the eye can see.If however the soul was a disbelieving one, the Garden isopened for the agnostic and they are told to look at what theirplace would have been in the Garden had they obeyed Allah. Then itthey are told to look at heir place in the fire. It stays open and the b delay of hot air from it continues to reach them until the Day of Rising. It is said that the earth presses in on them and they are crushed to the point that their ribssplit apart.This part of the souls journey in the graves is still mostly unknown territory. Outwardly the grave is stillness and quiet while inwardlyit contains secrets and terrors which an ordinary person cannotpercieve.The next part of the souls journey is the resurection. Acording to islamic belief,Allah will instruct the Angel Israfeel to blow the horn twice. The souls will come back from the barzakh to group on the mountain of arfatJudgement Day will be the souls next stop. This is the day when Allahpersonally will judge everyone directly . Each person will then receive a book that contains each and everything they have done from the time of birth till death. This book includes activites, appearance and intention. This is where the journey for the souls will near its end near the end. The soul will enter aneverlasting life, which will either be spent in heaven or hell.The concept of hell in islam is one which is extreamly horrific,terrifying and lifelike in comparison to hell of other world religions The prophet (saw) saidThe mildest punishment to be inflicted upona person in Hell is that he will be made to wear a pair of sandalsmade of fire which will be so hot that they will make his brain rilelike things boil on a stove. He will imagine that no one isundergoing a punishment more severe although his punishment, inreality, wil l be the mildest in Hell. Bukhari, Muslim.The belief about hell is that every individual will pass over Hellfire, some will remain there while others continue on.Every persons Hell will take its shape according to his evil deeds ensuing from atheistic belief or polytheism, hypocrisy, base warmth and evil practices, oppression of the innocent, sensuality and iniquity or vicious activities.The islamic concept of heaven is on the opposite spectrum of hell, it is described as something incomprehendable to the human thought.It is the last destination and hope of every muslim to arrive there. Paradise is said to have all the beauties of life to enjoy without ever being tired. It is a life of excitement, peace and happiness.The prophet (saw) saidAllah, the Almighty, says, Ihave prepared for My righteous servants that which no eyes have ever seen, no ears have ever comprehend and no heart has ever conceieved.Bukhari, MuslimThe concepts and ideals of hinduism in comparison to islam are ve ry different. There is however one coman denomenator, which is the soul. Although the theoryies surounding the soul in each religion are very, there is a general belief in It. The origins of Hinduism can be traced to the Indus Valley civilization sometime between 4000 and 2500 BCE. Though believed by many to be a polytheistic religion, the basis of Hinduism is the belief in the unity of everything. This totality is called Brahman. The purpose of life is to realize that the soul (or atman) is part of God and by doing so it can leave this plane of existance and rejoin with him.This enlightenment can only be achieved by going through cycles of birth, life and death known as samsara. Ones progress towards enlightenment is measured by his karma. This is the accumulation of all ones good and ill deeds and this determines the persons next reincarnation. Selfless acts and thoughts as well as devotion to God help one to be reborn at a higher level. giving acts and thoughts will cause one t o be born at a lower level, as a person or even an animal. Hindus follow a strict caste system which determines the standing of each person. The caste one is born into is the result of the karma from their previous life. Only members of the highest caste, the Brahmins, may perform the Hindu sacred rituals and hold positions of authority within the temples.According to Hinduism a soul reincarnates again and again on earth till it blends perfect and reunites with it Source. During this process the soul enters into many bodies, assumes many forms and passes through many births and deaths. This concept is summarily described in the following verse of the Bhagavad gita(the holy scriptures for followers of hinduism)Just as a man discards worn out clothes and puts on new clothes, the soul discards worn out bodies and wears new ones. (2.22)According to Hinduism a being has to live many lives and under go many experiences before it attains perfection and becomes one with the Divine. The Hi ndu theory of debut suggests that creation begins when the individual souls becomes separated from the undifferentiated One. the individual soul hides behind the false personality called jiva (Every being with Atman (a soul) is known as a Jiva,) The body and outer personality or the ego.The jiva is made up of the subtle body, the subtle mind and a little bit of discretionary intelligence called buddhi. The ego is made up of the gross physical body, the surface consciousness consisting of innumerable desires and impulses. Since the Jiva and the ego have no idea of Truth or reality, they suffers from ignorance and illusion. They succumbs to illusion and suffer from the delusion of the outer mind. They behave selfishly as if they are different from the rest of creation and end up with suffering, indulging in acts of self perpetuation.At the end of each life, the physical body and the gross mind return to the elements of the earth. But the Jiva and the soul survive death. Depending upo n the nature of their past deeds and number of bodies it has passed on to, the Jiva either ascends to the heaven or descends into the hell. The Jiva stays in these worlds till it exhausts the fruits of its good or bad actions. Having learned some new lessons, it then returns to the earth again to take another birth. Thus the Jiva undergoes innumerable births and deaths..Hinduism does speak of the existence of heavens above and hells below. The concept of heaven that it is sun filled and inhabited by gods and innumerable divine souls. The latter are dark worlds (asurya lokas) and populated by all the dark and goddamn forces. The individual souls go into these worlds according to their deeds. But they do not stay there permanently till the end of destruction. They go there basically as a consequence of their actions, either to enjoy or to suffer. In either case they learn the lesson and come back to earth to start a new earthly life all over again. according to Hinduism, life in heav en may be longer, but still it is a mortal life only. There, a Jiva may enjoy extreme pleasures, but it would not last for ever. Once its karma is exhausted, the Jiva is thrown back from the heights of heavenly glory into the turmoil of liquid earthly life .Hinduism does not accept that under normal circumstances an individual soul can free itself completely from the entanglement with Samsara and unite with its cause in just one life time. The Jiva has to progressively evolve through the cycle of innumerable births and deaths before the soul can liberate itself. Freedom from the process of samsara can only come once a person realises they are true(a)ydivine and belong to god. And this can take hundred of years to achieve.Overall when looking at these two relgions view on the soul it is important to look at the differnts sect belief in the soul. in islam , the two major sects are sunis and shiah and these two sects seperated at back at the time of the prophets mohammed(pbuh) death . Though these two sect have many beliefs and practices which are are very different from one another, the actual belief in the soul and the concepts of barahkz ,ressurection,judgement,heaven and hell are in fact very simlar. There are not many differences. In hinduism however, there are four main sects Shaivism,Vaishnavism ,Shaktismin and smarta/liberal hinduism which I have just discussed.All these sect have a belief that the human soul is imortal and passes from body to body untill they can reunite with god. The difference in each sect is that are each represented by a different god who they hope to become one with. Smarta hinduism which I have discused believe that they are all apart of the one god known as brahmin. in Shaivism, these followers bielieve it is the god known as shiva who is one god they hope to reunite with. In Vaishnavism its the god Vishnu, and in Shaktism it is the god Shakti. These are the major differences between the sects, the ideals and concepts of hinduis m such as karma, reincartion, the soul, heaven are the same.

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Lean On Me Film Review Essay

In the film Lean on Me, Joe Clark, played by Morgan Freeman, took on the responsibility of cosmos the principle for a extendd inner-city high school. The students at this high school were mainly minority children, faced by issues of poverty, drugs, and racism e very(prenominal)day. The differentiate of New island of Jersey claimed that this school was heading nowhere still down and that the teachers were unable to teach the children the basic skills they privati atomic number 53d to survive in the world.I detect the causes of the schools poor feel was to the lack of money & funds they receive from the state which lead to poor programming. The children whom attended the school had a lack of motivation and direction. They were unsure as to what they cute to achieve with their lives. They needed to be inspired by their teachers, and their families. However, as seen in this film, children in the inner-city setting often never find the inspiration and direction they need to succee d. Many of them have pargonnts that do not want to play an active role in the lives of their children.I feel that in the case of this film, Joe Clark?s dominating methodology of administering was very effective. This school and the children who attended it needed someone to ?take charge?, and build it back up to shape. He first kicked bulge the ?trouble students?, then he cleaned the halls of the graffiti, then he chained the doors to keep the drug dealers out. He gave students confidence and inspiration to succeed.He gave them a common goal, to ?prove the state wrong?. He enforced in their minds that they were not ignorant and they were capable of anything. By insisting they learn the school song he gave them a sentience of p unblocke. I feel that Joe Clark did just what the school and most importantly the students needed to ?turn the school around?. In the end, his methods of leadership worked, for the students achieved just what they had set out to do, pass the basic skills te st given by the state.The women who fought Joe Clark?s methodology, was played by Lynne Thigpen. She was portrayed as ?wench?, who was demanding on the city to get rid of Joe Clark because he chained the school doors and was in violation of the cities fire code. However, I feel she was really just upset because heexpelled the ?problem children? out of the school, one of whom was her son. Instead of blaming herself as a p atomic number 18nt for the failure of her son, she turned the blame on the school system and those who run it. While some critics would say that she was be portrayed in a positive light, as world a strong and determined black women. I feel that is false, I feel she is being portrayed as ignorant and arrogant and just wants revenge for something that was her own fault because she is not being an attentive and responsible parent.I also feel that the music plays an important role in this film. The music in the film is what gives the children hope and pride. The title of the movie is from the song ?Lean on Me?, written by Bill Withers. This song has lyrics that bring hope to the children. ?Some times in our lives we all have pain, we all have sorrow, but if you are wise we jazz there is always tomorrow. Lean on me, when your not strong, and I?ll give you hope, I?ll help you carry on.?It is relating to the students by saying we all face struggles, but we need to have hope that we can survive, and sometimes we need to get support and inspiration from others in order to stay strong and succeed. This song reminds these children that they are not alone and they can achieve anything if they put their minds to it. I feel that this song explains the theme of the movie, in the face of trouble anyone can succeed as long as they are motivated and try their hardest, and they have the love and support of others.In conclusion, I enjoyed this movie and I feel this film was very palatable because its characters were well developed and very believable. Its scree nplay was written very well and is very realistic. We, as young adults can relate to this film because the issues these children face are the same issues that children in face everyday, and even more so for those who come from the inner city themselves.

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Jane Eyre Essay

Charlotte Brontes novel Jane Eyre depends upon the carefully constructed development of its protagonist to forward themes of self-reliance, piety, and freedom. Because the novels protagonist, Jane Eyre, is depicted as being a person of moral fortitude and integrity, the abuse she suffers during the early part of the novel at the hands of her adoptive family instills at heart her a deep desire for independence, escape and personal freedom.The abuse that Jane suffers from her Aunt Reed begins within her, a feeling of separation and alienation. Jane begins to dream of finding a place where she can be accepted and where she really and truly belongs. As the novel progresses, the reader finds that Janes sense of alienation and her sense of solitude invoke to bolster her inner-sense of integrity and morality. This fact becomes crucial when she makes the decision not to become Rochesters mistress, even though she loves him.She understands that although her sexual liberation may be cringe up with Rochesters own desire to make her his mistress, her need to find a firm community and society where she feels respected and comfortable over-rules her desire for unadulterated sexual liberation. The fact that, in the end, Jane is able to accept Rochester as her husband indicates that through the trial tribulation of the novels events, Jane retained her sense of morality and integrity which is rooted in her simultaneous need to belong to society and to be a free individual.In the long run, it is Rochester, and not Jane who has his moral weaknesses exposed, and who begins to sorrowfulness his past life. Janes development of inner-strength and self-determination is rooted in the abusive experiences of her past and her character development in the novel establishes that, without a doubt, she has not and triumphed over the sense of alienation and loneliness which impacted her childhood, but she has become a moral example to others, and in doing so, achieved her persistent dre am of finding a meaningful connection to a meaningful social collective or family.

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Impact of nitrogen and phosphorous inputs on water quality Essay

Both atomic number 7 and phosphoric argon necessary in agriculture for a farmer to achieve optimum yields in most crops, they nominate to use fertilizer which often contains each atomic number 7 or phosphoric. Despite their importance, these elements in superfluous can affect the environment adversely. Eutrophication is upgraded when normality and phosphorous ar in excess in come out pisss and where nitrogen is in excess in grunge peeing system. (www. nation. ncsu. edu/) Nitrogen makes up about 78 portion of the gases in the atmosphere. A study constituent of proteins it is abundant in most living things.Nitrogen gas (N2), nitrate (NO3), nitrite (NO2) and ammonia NH3 argon the common forms in which in organic nitrogen exists. Organic nitrogen exists in proteins. (http//kywater. org/). Compounds that contain nitrogen are found in water bodies much(prenominal)(prenominal) as reservoirs, streams and rivers. There are various routes by which nitrogen enters water bodies. These include wastewater (municipal and industrial), animal wastes such as bird wastes and wastes of fish, septic tanks and overspill from fields and lawns that have been fertilized.In certain parts of the United States, especially the northeast, some forms of nitrogen are deposited through acid rain (Baird, 1990). Nitrites are then converted to nitrates by bacteria, a process that uses up oxygen. (http//kywater. org). Surface and subsurface drainage are some of the ways through which nitrogen from fertilizers enter streams. When at that place is heavy rainfall following surface application of nitrogen fertilizers, most of the nitrogen is lost and level more is lost if the sweep is sloppy. When the fertilizer is flux with grease the runoff is cringed.However, the loss of nitrogen becomes genuine when heavy rainfall causes imperfection erosion and movement of debris. The highly soluble nature of nitrogen makes it be absorbed easily into the soil when it rains heavily. Findi ngs from research studies show that leaching does contribute to the presence of nitrates in groundwater. This save does not cause much taint since the concentrations of nitrogen do not reach high sufficiency levels. The crop uses up to 50 percent of the applied nitrogen leaving about 30 percent to 50 percent available for leaching.This, from a study done on North Carolina soils leads to leaching to a level of only two feet where there was 3 inches of percolated water (Baird, 1990). Eutrophication is a slow process whereby streams and lakes are enriched with natural nutrients. This process leads to the accelerated aging of lakes and reservoirs. Eutrophication by and large means excess growth of algae. The growth and hogwash of algae causes depletion of oxygen available in water. Nitrogen has a fertilizing effect in algae and another(prenominal) plankton which are food to other organisms in water such as fish and invertebrates.Overproduction and annihilation of these plankton use s up oxygen, meaning that other oxygen-dependent animals have inadequate oxygen which leads to their oddment. (http//kywater. org/). In addition to using up oxygen excessively, the overgrowth of algae and other plankton can lead to clogging up of water systems such that water flow is inhibited. This is especially common at points of water intakes. A lot of sea whole kit and boodles too block light from reaching the deeper waters (http//ga. water. usgs. gov/).This has the effect of compromising respiration for aquatic invertebrates and fish, making the death of animals and plant inevitable. High concentrations of nitrites produce a condition called brown blood disease which is fatal to fish. (http//kywater. org/). ultimately diversity of animal and plant life is lost. The death of fish results in offensive odours, and affects the water such that it cannot be employ for recreative purposes like swimming, boating and fishing. Mueller and Helsel conducted a study of 12,000 ground wa ter samples and approximately 22,000 samples of surface water at over 300 sites.The samples were collected within NAWQA study units. They report that the concentrations of nutrients in water have a close relationship to how land is employ upstream or in the area that overlies a ground water aquifer. According to the analysis there were higher concentrations of nitrates in groundwater than surface water bodies. The regions with the highest concentration were the Northeast, the Great Plains and areas along the West Coast (Mueller and Helsel, 1996). Agricultural areas have a higher likelihood of having water with increased concentrations of nitrates.Research shows that public-supply wells and domestic supply wells outside areas where land is used for agriculture generally have lower concentrations of nitrates compared to wells in agricultural areas. On the other turn, urban areas have higher concentrations of Ammonia and phosphorous in surface water (Mueller and Helsel, 196). For wat er to be considered upright for domestic water supply, nitrates or nitrite level should be below 10mg/L. (United States Public Health Service). Nitrites undergo a direct reaction with haemoglobin in humans and warm-blooded animals ahead(p) to the formation of methemoglobin.This compound leads to decreased ability of red cells to transport oxygen. The most affected by this inability are infants less than deuce-ace months because the babies develop methemoglobinaemia (blue baby disease. (http//kywater. org/ww/ramp/rmnox. htm). Due to this reason, when nitrates levels exceed 1. 0mg/L, the water should not be used to sacrifice babies. In older people high nitrate levels cause disturbances in the digestion system. (http//kywater. org/). Phosphorous is a course occurring element that can be found in rocks and mineral deposits.Phosphate ions are soluble in water and are released when rock undergoes the weathering process. Phosphates have three forms of existence, metaphosphate, orthoph osphate and organic phosphate. Orthophosphate is mainly produced by natural processed but there are man-made sources that produce orthophosphate. These include untreated sewer and partially treated sewage, use of certain fertilizers and runoff from sites where the main land use is agriculture. Metaphosphate or polyphosphate are used in preaching of detergents and boiler waters. When in water metaphosphate changes to orthophosphate and it can be used up by plants in this form.Organic phosphate occurs tied to organic material like plant tissue or waste solids. When decomposition occurs organic phosphate is converted to orthophosphate (www. water-research. net/phosphate. htm). Phosphorous is necessary for animal and plant growth and acts as a growth limiting nutrient in lake ecosystems. Well-oxygenated waters have low amounts of phosphates. Phosphate undergoes a complex process of uptake and mineralization to be retain in the soil, unlike the nitrogen cycle which is simpler. Soluble phosphate is incorporated by plants and animals in their biological systems to form compounds like ATP, DNA and RNA.ATP is necessary for energy production via the Krebs cycle charm DNA and RNA have genetic importance. Phosphorous is therefore necessary for photosynthesis to occur (www. water-research. net/) Phosphates enhance growth of aquatic plants which are the food source for other organisms. Increased production of plankton result in an initial increase in population of fish and the entire biological system of the water body. This until now has an adverse effect because as the phosphate levels build-up the process by which the water ecosystem is aging is speeded up leading to an imbalance of nutrients where production begins to exceed consumption.Phosphates like nitrates also cause eutrophication resulting in more plants than can be consumed by the system. The result is anoxic waters, presence of algal blooms that are toxic and a reduction in biodiversity as well as destructi on of food supply and habitat. (www. water-research. net) Eutrophication is an issue that compromises water quality and has original much attention since 1980 when there was extensive occurrence of blue-green algae in fresh water systems.These blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) sometimes produce toxins that cause harm to human beings and farm animals. Poor conditions resulting from eutrophication have been noted in eastern North Carolina in the Chowan, Neuse and Pamlico River systems (Baird, 1990). Water that has very high levels of phosphates causes digestive problems to people. The negative effect of high levels of phosphate then is more indirect to humans but has a larger impact because by altering the environment and destroying habitats the destruction caused is much harder to reverse.A compound like nitrates dissolves in water and moves in water in surface streams and ground water. Most forms of phosphorous, however, are transported together with soil that has undergone erosio n especially when runoff is high flowing precipitation and irrigation. This is because instead of dissolving they attach themselves to soil particles. As such phosphorous is more likely to contaminate surface water rather than ground water (USGS, Circular1225, 2007).Findings from a USGS report indicate that phosphorous has a greater effect in create eutrophication with 0.1mg/L of phosphorous being sufficient to cause excessive growth of aquatic plants (USGS, Circular 1225, 2007). In urban areas, the most significant point sources are urban streams which have discharged from wastewater treatment plants. A report of the US Geological service indicates that the streams in the semiarid western and south-western cities coupled with those in urban areas on the East had high levels of phosphorous (USGS, Circular1225). Recent research shows that phosphorous can locomote with ground-water flows.The study was conducted in Cape Cod, Massachusetts where there has been contamination of the gro undwater with phosphorous, an unlikely thing since most scientists generally believe that phosphorous is not transferable via groundwater (McCob et al, 2003 Stollenwerk, 1996). The main factors influencing vulnerability to contamination are the type of soils and lurch of land. These two factors determine how fast and how much runoff there will be. Areas with steep slopes, poorly course clay soils and little vegetation have higher likelihood of contamination of their surface waters.In urban centres, pavements and drains made of tile cause acceleration of flow of streams. Ground water on the other hand has a high chance of contamination if the soils drain well and the subsurface material is highly permeable. or so practices of crop-management designed to decrease sediment flow may increase infiltration leading to greater contamination of groundwater (USGS, Circular, 1225). To reduce the impact of phosphorous and nitrogen in water quality, strategies need to be employed that reduce the use of chemicals and alter transportation of the hydrologic system (USGS).In planning these strategies consideration of watersheds, patterns of land use and the differences in vulnerability to contamination in various areas should be foremost to ensure that whatever interventions are ensnare in place are effective. References Baird J (1990) Nitrogen management and water quality retrieved from www. soil. ncsu. edu/publications/soilfacts/AG-439-02 Harvard, Olson and Cooke, 1999, Impact of soil phosphorous loading on Water Quality in Alberta, Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development.McCob T D, Leblanc DR, Watter DA, Hess KN Kent DB and Smith RL 2003, Phosphorous in a Ground-water contaminant Plume Discharging to Ashumet Pond, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 1999 US Geological suss out Water-Resources Investigations Report 02-4306, 70p Mueller D K and Helser D R, Nutrients in the Nations water-Too much of a ethical Thing? National Water-Quality Assessment Program USGS, retrieved from http//water. usgs. gov/nawqa/CIRC-1136. html National findings and their implications for water policies and strategies, USGS, Circular 1225, retrieved from http//pubs.usgs. gov/circ/circ1225/html/nawqafind. htm/.Nitrogen and water quality retrieved from http//kywater. org/ww/ramp/rmnox-htm Stollenwerk K-G 1996, Simulation of phosphate transport in sewage-contaminated groundwater, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Applied Geochemistry, V. 11. no 1-2 pp 317-324 The effects of urbanization and agriculture on water quality Nitrogen retrieved from http//ga. water. usgs. gov/edu/urbannitrogen. html Total phosphorous and Phosphate impact in surface waters Wilkes University, Environmental.Engineering and Earth Science retrieved from www.water. research. net/phosphate. htm Water-quality patterns in agricultural areas, USGS, Circular 1225 retrieved from http//pubs. usgs. gov/circ/circ1225/html/wq-agri. htm/ Water-quality patterns in urban areas, United States Geological Society, retrieved from h ttp//pubs. usgs. gov/circ/circ1225/html/wq-urban. htm/ Water-quality patterns in areas with mixed hand use and a range of hydrologic and environmental settings, USGS, Circular 1225 retrieved from http//pubs. usgs. gov/circ/circ1225/html/wq-hydro. htm/.

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Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation Essay

Martin Luther is impute for starting the Protestant Reformation by declaring the corruption he saw in the Roman Catholic Church. By rest firm in his cartel and openly going against the perform building service, hes equal to(p) to get the people thinking for themselves and discovering the truth of their leaders and religion.Martin Luther was born November 10, 1483 in Eislenben, Germany, to copper miner Hans and scrooge Margaretha Luder. Living in poverty, his father is set on Luther becoming a uprightnessyer for higher income and family honor. In 1501, he enrolled at Master of Arts in Erford, and received his Bachelors degree in 1502 and Masters in 1505. He then enrolled to the law school. In 1505, hes caught in a thunderstorm and asks God for deliverance. Since he lived through the fright, he then devotes himself to God, dropping out of law school and joining the monastery, although against his fathers orders.While searching for personal salvation, Luther took his spiritual g rowth in truth seriously and often times punished himself. He spent most hours praying and confessing. Through this, he began to bill sticker his frequent and awful sins. He was told to follow after academics which he then taught theology at the University of Wittenberg. On October 18, 1512, he is given a Doctorate in Theology. In 1513, he studied Psalm 22 and gained enlightenment. He realized, as Paul said, The just will live by faith, and that salvation comes with solely faith and not religious works or practices.Luthers knowledge of the Scriptures and his analytical mind caused him to see the power-hungry church leaders corruption. A major issue Luther saw was the selling of indulgences which were ways to get people of the church to pay for prayers and salvation. The Roman Catholic Church used these indulgences to put fear into their followers and money into their avow pockets. Along with that complaint and others, Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the church door on Octobe r 31, 1517. Within two weeks, the news of his revolt spread through Germany and throughout Europe in two months. The Johannes Gutenberg Printing Press played a vital role in this expansion. Within days, many copies of the news was made and sent out. This gave the people of the church and of the nations concrete evidence of their leaderscorruption. Soon, the fear of the people faded and so did the churchs power.In 1520, Luther is threatened with excommunication from the church. In January of 1520 he is excommunicated and named as a heretic. In April of 1521, the Diet of Worms met and Luther is questioned about his act. He is told to recant but he refuses to do so unless the Scriptures would have him do otherwise.In 1522, Luther translates the New volition to German where again, the printing press made it available to society. He also formed his own church, Lutheranism, and teaches his practices and gains followers. On June 13, 1525, he married former nun Katharina von Bora and went on to have six children together. As time goes on, he gains many health problems and dies at the age of 62 on February 18, 1546.Through personal enlightenment and rebellion, Martin Luther started the shifting of the Christian church and many of its practices today. By refusing the deception of the church, he leads a revolt against the church and sets the manakin of strong, unshakable faith. Luthers impact on religion didnt stop in the 1500s, and is still standing firm and modeling the religion of society now.

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Nokia Business Analysis Essay

The beginning of Nokia goes back to the year 1865 with the establishment of a forestry industry first step in South-Western Finland by mining engineer Fredrick Idestam. While in the year 1898, the Finnish Rubber whole kit Ltd was found, and in 1912, Finnish Cable Works began operations. Gradually, the ownership of this two companies and Nokia began to shift into hands of just a few owners.Finally, these three companies were merged to form Nokia Corporation in 1967. Nokia Corporation engages in the manufacture of industrious devices and energetic network equipment, as well as in the provision of related solutions and services. The company has quadruple main business functions or segments Mobile Phones, Multimedia, Enterprise Solutions, and Networks. (Nokia, 2011)Purpose to study Nokia (appendix 1) Communication plays a in truth important role in our life. With its large target market, different mobile telecommunication companies have been toilsome to occupy the markets by offer their latest innovative mobile phones. One of the famous and successful mobile phone manufacturers in the world is Nokia before.However, market leader will be replaced by other competitors. This send packing be evidenced by their shares of Smart phone (appendix 2) due to the penetration of their competitor. With the emergence of Apple iPhone and Samsung beetleweed today (appendix 1), Nokia should have a great solution to ensure its future success and to gain back the market shares. Although Nokias CEO has known what their situation, the management must able to have a transfigure that would sustain Nokias competitive advantage and reflecting to customers favorite.

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Explain what Jean-Paul Sartre meant by the statement “Man is condemned to be free”. Essay

Jean-Paul Sartre was a French existentialist philosopher and was one of the leading figures in 20th century French philosophy. His major philosophical work, be and Nothingness and his famous talk, Existentialism is a Humanism, is where he emphasised the pronouncement Man is condemned to be free. The statement appears to be a juxtaposition of language because granting immunity often has positive con nonations term condemned provides the opposite feeling. Sartre used the term condemned as he believed we have no choice in the national of being free, and being free (even if against our will) means we atomic number 18 responsible for all our actions. Being responsible for our actions without having a choice about being free to choose is a form of condemnation. Us having to accept beneficial responsibility for our actions includes us not being able to blame those around us such as family, teachers and the government for our situation.In summary, man is condemned because he did not create himself, yet is nevertheless at liberty, and from the moment that he is thrown into this world he is responsible for everything he does (Kaufmann). In the face of this responsibility, many gentleman turn to religion. This allows us to feel answerable to a higher being. However, Sartre was not a believer in God this could be because of the atrocities he witnessed startle-hand during the Second World War while serving in the French army. His experiences taught him that God is silent in the face of absurdity and horror. Because of this we atomic number 18 condemned to face life alone and with this comes unconditional freedom and the chilling responsibility that comes with it. If God truly doesnt exist then our actions arent rightfully limited by His prophecies, commandments and morals God cannot legitimise our deportment, or justify it, or cause it. We are ultimately responsible for our actions with no one to answer because we have chosen them on our own, out of our freedom.Traditionally, freedom is seen as good. Sartre on the other hand describes freedom to be a kind of nucleus because as God does not exist we are without excuse and we cant find anything to take care on. Sartre illustrates his popular opinion using the example of the paper cutter. When considering a paper cutter, we would assume that the creator had a plan (an essence) for it. Due to there being no creator of humans, we have no essence. This means that our actions and behaviour cannot be explained by referencing human nature, instead we are necessarily fully responsible for our actions. The essence or nature of a paper cutter is to cut paper this is the purpose the maker of it had in mind. However, there was no maker or creator of human beings so we cant refer to what we are meant to do. There is only what we choose to do. We are left alone, without excuse.To decide whether we are or are not condemned to be free it makes sense to decide whether our actions are truly free or if they may in fact be determined. Psychologists such as Sigmund Freud believe our early years have an impact on our future actions. Freud claimed that our moral actions are often caused by repressed or subconscious memories or feelings stemming from childhood. Also, B.F. mule skinner said that we cannot be held morally responsible for behaviour determined by our psychological makeup because we could not have chosen to behave differently. Other thinkers, including Thomas Sowell, argue that our actions are in line with our favorable conditioning. We then retrace a sociologically determined path set by our upbringing, education and friendly groups etc. Libertarianism has the major flaw of not taking into account our experiences when making decisions and when forming our morality.For instance, it is arguable that Sartre believed what he did because of the experiences he had during the war, not because of his freedom. Another valid argument is that genetics determine physical and be havioural aspects of humanity. All of these bases state that humans are not free to choose and our lives and personalities are already determined (by our past experiences, psychological makeup, socialisation and genetics). There is truth in these theories and so they take credit away from Sartres belief that man is condemned to be free because they show that there are aspects of our lives where we arent free to choose. This means, in addition, that our responsibility is lessened somewhat as some of our actions are already determined for us. On the other hand, Sartres ideas are potentially credible. We have all had experiences where the need to choose between multiple actions has caused us ablaze turmoil. It isunlikely that in these situations we can avoid having to come to a decision.Although we are free to make this choice, we are in a way forced to make it. So, Sartres claim of humans being condemned or damned to be free does not appear so ludicrous. Even when we ask someone for care with an ethical dilemma it is not their answer that determines our solution and consequent action. It is our choice to ask them in the first place and usually we already know what they are going to say we then decide whether to follow their advice. This again shows the extent of our freedom of choice and the lack of determining factors to suppress this condemning freedom. In conclusion, Sartre examined the daunt nature of decision making and unlimited freedom. The moral responsibility we have in the case of implicit freedom is crippling and causes great despair. However, this approach could be incorrect because there are aspects of our lives and makeup that baffle our behaviour. If an action is determined by factors outside our control, we may not have the moral responsibility for it. From this viewpoint we are not condemned to freedom but it instead allows us some input into our behaviour and so our lives.


luncheon is poised and well positioned to move to other level in the luxuriousness sports apparel marketplace. While our challenges over the last 18 months have been Impacting, we have maintained profit ability and have not lost significant market share. In response, our leadership team conducted environmental and brassal scans over the last 30 days. From these scans, we have identified some future strategic opportunities and challenges that when addressed, impart tick off us up to become the 1 sports prodigality apparel brand in the world.We will pertain our innovation by Introducing new products lines there is a great opportunity for us to expand Into a childrens line. Another opportunity for Luncheon Is to Investigate new channel strategies In diversification of sales revenues. In tandem with these opportunities, we urgently need to address several threats inclusive of diversifying our supply chain and improving universal relations to resonate our core values and brand.O ur environmental scan included a macro trends report, scrutiny of our industry/ competition, and a comprehensive review of our stakeholders needs and expectations. Significant macro trends worth noting Include prolong popularity of yoga fitness for the near term, continued fruit in online sales, and sustained usage of social media (with women representing a disproportionately large amount of users engaging our brand). Due to the use of petroleum and cotton products, material and labor be for Luncheon can sometimes be unpredict sufficient based on fluctuations in these commodity markets.Our exertion analysis Indicates that the sports apparel brand Is a $106 billion dollar Industry with the two biggest players only owning 14 recent of the market share, See Financial Analysis Slide. We are the top ranked premium sports apparel organization and the 5th highest ranking organization overall. Our suppliers are more than suppliers they are explodeners, See Industry/ Competitive Analysi s Slide. Our collaborative relationship with our suppliers helps us create some of the most innovative products in the market.Supplier issues with materials and manufacturing have posed an ongoing issue due to various recalls creating a drop In company stock price, which In turn, has elevated concerns with dockworkers, See stakeholder Analysis slide. These problems have caused Luncheon to face intense scrutiny in the market and media, which eventually resulted in negative Public Relations related issues. The inability for the Public Relations department to thwart such(prenominal) incidents has impacted the overall product brand within the market place.With that said, the financial health of the company Is good. kale revenue for the fiscal year 2013 Increased 16% to $1. 6 billion from $1. 4 billion In fiscal 2012. The company ended with $698,649,000 cash on hand, enough to fund its operating activities. Our operational leap out reveals Luncheon guest satisfaction remains high des pite recent and ongoing manufacturing issues, See Stakeholder Analysis Slide. We consume a loyal customer base and have recently moved all of our stores from the franchise feign to being ran internally to maximize on our nicety.From this environmental scan, we were able to conduct a comprehensive and In-depth intragroup analysis to determine how well prepared we included an operational health report, a financial report, and a review of our culture. The current organization is structured so that there is an opportunity for open immunization end-to-end the business, while wellness programs create high employee satisfaction. Since our inception, our culture has been about creating components for people to live long, healthy, and fun lives.This culture permeates through our employees, our in-store experience, and of course our customer base. We believe in support of the communities in which we are a part by creating various festivals, retreats and continually focusing on sustainabi lity. Overall, our internal report shows we are poised for growth and have the tools to take advantage of our opportunities while meeting our challenges head on. Luncheon is the leader in luxury sports apparel. In order for us to stay the premier luxury sports apparel provider, we have to make authentic we keep our core competencies aligned.Our core competencies are defined as follows 1 . Developing innovative luxury designs, 2. Grass roots marketing, 3. Creating a motivated workforce, 4. Creating a second to none positive customer experience. Our quartet recommendations outlined in the beginning of the memo align perfectly with these core competencies, and our reports show we have the ability to achieve success in each area. Developing new product lines, especially focusing on a line for the youth, will assure we stay diversified.In developing these lines we can start to diversify our suppliers by finding other markets in which to partner. Currently our depth in suppliers is larg e, however, the diversity is nominal. Our suppliers are primarily surd in one region, Asia-Pacific, leaving us susceptible to natural disasters, border wars, and other issues that can locomote production, See Stakeholder Analysis Slide. Creating additional channels of sales will work to enhance our second to none customer experience.Working with luxury hotels and other recognizable high end partners known for great customer service will also help with our grass roots marketing along with increasing our positive public relations presence. Also, by controlling our public relations and placing an increased emphasis on it, we will be able to better position our image and brand for lasting resonance in the marketplace. We are excited for Luncheon and look forward to partnering with you on implementing these four strategic objectives that will propel our great organization to another level.

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A critique of Music Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

A critique of medicine - Assignment ExampleThe Quintet uses a typical four movement format with Allegro, Larghetto, Menuetto and Allegretto grown variation in mood and pace back and forth from fast to slow. Like most unequivocal pieces, there is a clear development in a straight line from start to finish, with repetition here and there which chip ins it a regular structure. Mozart uses chromatic harmonies but they are not allowed to dominate. One of the most noticeable features of the orchestration is how the clarinet and the other instruments alternate, as if they are playing with each other. A good prototype of this is the second movement which starts with the clarinet and cello, goes on to use clarinet and violin, and carries on with these changes so that the clarinet pops in and out of the music. It is not average a main clarinet with strings accompanying it. All of the instruments take over the melody and then give it back to the clarinet.The greatest strength of the piec e is the lyrical voice of the clarinet which is fully used in all its range and flexibility. If it has a weakness, it is the adherence to the classical format, which is perhaps a little bit predictable. The piece is i of my favourites, especially the second movement because of the sadness that is pouring out of it. According to Wold and others (p. 233) Mozart is the most nearly entire musical creator in the history of Western music and this quintet is one of his most prevalent and most perfect compositions and so it is unlikely that it will ever be

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Global Politics - 10 short answer questions - 150words each Essay

Global Politics - 10 short settle questions - 150words each - Essay Exampleby deregulation requirements, opening its markets to transnational corporations and other regulations trim backd upon it by the World Trade Organization. Thus, sovereignty, to such an extent is eroded the state compromises some of its powers actors other than the state take out center stage additional security issues have to be taken into consideration like transnational crimes, international terrorism, refugees and the like .Ans.Classical liberalism is liberalism that is centered on the individual and the capacity of that individual to make the obligation choices for his own self that eventually reflects and redound to the good and benefit of society in general. Both determinate liberalism and neo-liberalism argon founded on the basic tenets of freedom but while clean liberalism is individual-centered, neo-liberalism depends on the state to impose laws that promote free trade and market liberalism. The state does not leave it up to the individuals but takes the scuttle to promote free trade where the individuals have as much as possible unfettered frugal freedom and the state as little as possible role. Neo-liberalism, which was popularized sometime in the 1980s, is an offshoot of classical liberalism which is an older concept.Ans.Yes, because the actions of states or state strategies are supposed to be primarily geared for the protection and progression of the national arouse. In this sense, it is therefore important to understand exactly what the national interest or interests are for the deeper understanding of the motivations of the actions of a particular state. Although the exact nature of national interest will depend by and large on the time and period and sometimes from a subjective point of view, the concept of national interest almost always includes the following the states jurisdiction, patrimony assets and resources national and cultural values, and national goal s and alliances.Ans. there are several theories. the psychological theory

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Brand Management Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Brand Management - harangue ExampleAlthough there is an accounting and legal intend of targeting but in terms of selling it refers to the products that have clear identity, that uniquely associates and establishes a meaning between the brand and the guests. From the perspective of customer, a brand is a promise that the product will perform perfectly as per their expectation and provide them with agreeable performance across all the touch points or moment of truth with the accompany (distribution channels, customer service, pricing, warranties and so forth) (Bidgoli, 2010, p. 430). It is originated as a sign of ownership via the recognition as a mental depiction of customer benefits. But now brand has arrived to such a point that it represents the strategic position and vision of the company in relation to its environment. The brands has moved from merely being an addition to the offering to its reception as a symbol of knowledge, vision and culture that would strategically gu ide the offering (Abbing and Gessel, 2008). The process of innovation helps non scarcely to reduce cost but also improves the quality of the product. Thus it improves the relative value of the product. Innovation not only affects the value of the product but also helps in creating reputation. ... to liberation of brand and programme, value and meaning as associates as well as essential resources in the development of leading operate and products in the market. 1.1 Branding life wheel around Kotler (2000) has defined brand as an expression, name, sign, design or a faction of all these which signifies a particular seller or a group of sellers and aims towards differentiating them from the other competitors available in the market. This definition can be limiting. Dibb et al. (1997) suggested that branding is one of the tangible features of a product. It provides the customer with the verbal and sensible clues that helps them to choose one particular product over the others that are available in the market. However it is not only limited to products services also communicates physical and verbal clues. For instance the hotel that provides its wide range of varieties of services also provides and transmits a range of physical and verbal communication to its potential customers. The term life cycle is often connectioned with the development of a service or product. The same metaphor is used to link human behaviour with the concept of branding. This suggests that there are possibilities that the brands that one finds in the offices and homes may be seen to human face a decline and finally seen to die. These brands also have long history of struggle and have remaining various legacies. Brands are affected by various combinations of macro and micro environmental factors (Chitale and Gupta, 2011 Majumdar, 2004 Kurtz and Boone, 2008 Gelder, 2005). By accord the influence of these factors on the position of the brand in the market place, the management of the o rganization will be able to forecast the health of their brand in future and will be able to plan their strategies.

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Revise paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Revise paper - Essay ExampleCan the word plain be used to refer to any woman? If it can, then does it indicate a woman who is unlikable, mean, objectionably independent and whorish? Can the word kick be used to refer to a woman in a good way? Can it be used as a term of say-so to indicate a self-confident and strong woman instead of being employed in a degrading and harmful way?(Celious 4)These are fundamental questions that observers of rap especially in the US put one across continued to ask. These issues arise from the fact that over the past ten years, more and more female rappers consider proclaimed themselves as bitches. Their use of the word bitch is meant to indicate the independence and strength of a woman as opposed to degrading the woman. The concern triggers the debate as to whether the word bitch has been re-appropriated. The paper renders itself to exploring the cessation to which the word has been re-appropriated. It also brings up the argument as to the real me aning of the use of the word bitch by women indicative of empowerment while, in essence, the word continues to perform a degrading role.The issue arises from a sequence of discussions in magazines, movies and television programs that have rendered themselves to speaking about the current style of female rappers specify themselves as bitches as if it was a non-derogatory and powerful term. There are two schools of view in response to this fundamental question. One school of thought regards the activities of the female artists to be empowering while the other school of thought sees them as debilitating. Those that argue that the actions are empowering suggest that products of culture such as media have no measuring stick message. The message they communicate can be interpreted in numerous ways for different ends. On the other hand, those that suggest that the actions are debilitating are of the view that cultural products such as media thence have

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Planning Your Financial Future Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Planning Your Financial future(a) - Assignment ExampleOther skills that provide be significant in my career include flip management, planning and organizing, technology, and dedication to continuous learning. After identifying the appropriate career which in my case is marketing, I will have to be prepared to face any career development and alteration in the future. For this to be possible, I will have to remain dynamic in career planning in the mulct term. In addition, for me to become an expert in the paths of career, I will have to conduct various researches on careers and to scan the environment on regular basis. By doing this I will be crack fit for my next decision. Your target timeframe for the purchase, including the funding of associated cost, taxes and deposit My target timeframe for my first house purchase is 5 years. An estimated reckon for servicing your grand lifestyle including contingency plans (insurances and emergency funding) The intended house to be purcha sed is a trey bedroom house at a cost of ?180,000including all other related expenses. It is located at Cole Close London SE28. It is near Thamesmead shopping Centre. It has a small garden, garage, and is three bed-roomed. Insight and sagacity on riptideing versus buying- The purchase of first house is not mainly about the ownership of private property. Owning a house involves several costs, risks and responsibilities. My insight and opinion on renting versus buying is that it is better to rent a house rather than to buy. In my view it is costly to buy a house. Renting is better because of first, simplicity. It takes minimal time to find a house that fits ones needs and desires. Buying on the other softwood involves obtaining adequate finance and conducting the necessary inspections hence, buying is time consuming. Secondly is the convenience in renting a house rather than buying. The landlord will be responsible for various tasks of fear and upkeep. Therefore, no expenses ar e incurred on maintenance of a home. Thirdly is flexibility. In a rented house, it is easier to locomote unlike when in ownership of a house. After buying house, one becomes less mobile. When changes arise for example, in the workplace and one is forced to move the procedure of selling and buying another house is expensive. Fourthly, is increased liquidity, when renting one has large hereditary pattern or fat paycheck. However, one is stretched when buying the first home since it involves down payment and related costs hence, cleans up ones money. The related costs of buying a house include mortgage payments, property taxes, and insurance, maintenance and repair expenses. On the other hand, while renting one can keep extra funds for one self and makes budgeting easier without upkeep-expenses that home owners are likely to incur. Such expenses involve sudden urge to flip a leaking roof or old furniture and fixtures. Fifth, renting has better diversification. Those with purchased houses have bulk riches tied in their homes rather than on better alternatives such as stock, bonds, or even startle a small business. The sixth factor is lower cost. If one is living in an area where home prices sky rocketed faster than rentals, real estate may be overpriced and it will not be a wise idea to buy a house. Evidence of research in terms of career, ideal starter-home/location and mortgage (type/ rate/ term etc) As a professional

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Prepare a strategic management report of approximately 3500 words, Essay

Prepare a strategical management report of approximately 3500 words, which evaluates the structure of an organisation and industry in flop.Assume that the audie - Essay ExampleTo ameliorate the overall business environment and effectiveness of the organisation, the response patterns and management approaches are identified.The Central shore of the commonwealth of Turkey also known as Trkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankas has its head office located in Ankara, Turkey and was established as a joint-stock company with the majority of shares belonging to the Treasury. The till has 4770 employees and is the fundamental fundamentalised bank of Turkey controlled by the government (TCMB history, 2005). The first major bank in Turkey was the pansy Bank that was jointly set up with French and British capital in 1856. The Ottoman bank became a state bank and achieved the monopoly of issuing bank notes. Although the Turkish Republic extended the period of privilege of the Ottoman Bank until 1 935, a new plan to set up the central bank was under direction by 1926. The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey was established by law 1715 which was enacted on June 11, 1930. The central bank had the privilege of issuing bank notes and this remained its monopoly for 30 years (TCMB, retrieved 2005). The privilege was further extended in 1955 and was extended indefinitely in 1994. The main aim of the bank was to support the economic development of the country so the bank was entrusted to the following duties and responsibilities.Several changes were made to the central bank law with the introduction of economic development plans for Turkey during the 1960s. The law 1211 restructured the responsibilities of the central bank and implemented the financial policies within the framework of developmental objectives of the country (TCMB, 2005).The organisation chart shows that the general assembly is subdivided into an auditing committee, the governor and the board. There are four tra nsgression governors who oversee the different departments of the banking divisions. Within each of these divisions there are management departments and

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Orignial topic - adopting a positive or negative viewpoint Essay - 2

Orignial topic - adopting a coercive or negative viewpoint - Es tell Exampleauses major health problems, is more dangerous for the non- stag party than roll of tobacco is for the smoker, is most dangerous for children and is an infringement on rights, the right to live.The definition of exploited smoke is smoke that a person inhales due to someone elses who is smoking close to them. While some disagree and say that the hazard from second-hand smoke is negligible, others have identified numerous properties of secondhand smoke that make it more than straightforward this type of smoke is even more powerful and therefore more harmful than the smoke the smoker themselves is inhaling into their own lungs. When a smoker inhales through a cigarette filter they are getting sole(prenominal) about half of the poisons tar and nicotine that are found in a comparable sized derive of secondhand smoke according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Despite the fact they are non-smokers, this same composition states that roughly 3,000 non-smokers a year die from lung cancer caused by secondhand smoke and a nonher 37,000 non-smokers a year die from heart disease attributed to secondhand smoke (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1992).These figures are verify by other data of the detrimental effects of secondhand smoke, for example, a study demonstrated that women who did not smoke that were married to heavy smoking men suffered twice the risk of developing lung cancer as compared to women married to non-smoking men. Another study performed on workers such as waitresses and bartenders who are repeatedly exposed for an all-encompassing period of time to secondhand smoke experienced a 25-75 percent greater possibility of promise lung cancer, with the odds becoming proportionately higher with the time employed in these types of places. These are studies on prominent lungs. Imagine the damage done to smaller, weaker and less developed more susceptible lungs. Child ren exposed to high levels of secondhand smoke are susceptible to greater instances of bronchitis, pneumonia